New 13,000# Deco boat house lift installed with Piers on the Biloxi River

Just finished a DIY project on the Biloxi River in Eagle Point.  We installed a 13k pound lift with optional roof tabs.  The tabs enable a simple addition of a roof at a future date.  Our system is designed for 140mph wind codes and being a top mount system can offer the most room when your water front is narrow.  We installed pilings for a pier and pile caps for the owner to finish at his leisure.  Also note the lower pier for easy access to smaller boats or kayaks…

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80′ of bulkhead in Sunkist Country Club, Biloxi MS

80′ of wooden bulkhead is finished in Biloxi MS.  If your bulkhead is failing and you don’t repair or replace it quickly the state will take your land!  So many times people wait and then we have to set the bulkhead back in the yard 4′-6′.  That is NOT the case here, the homeowner spotted the problem, we determined that the previous contractor didn’t install deadman and tiebacks and the down lumber was only 3′ long!  We installed 16′ pilings with 8′ down-lumber and 12′ deadman.  This Bulkhead will have a long life protecting a great investment.

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